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Touch for Health Kinesiology

If you're wanting to take your structural Bodywork and/or Life Coaching work to a whole new level of extraordinary sophistication, then this course will quantum leap your work.  

From learning the mechanics of manual Muscle Testing of the main postural muscles of the body, along with powerful reflexes that help individual muscles perform with much greater strength and engagement; and learning Reactive Muscle Balancing whereby many chronic Structural or Postural Imbalances can be balanced and resolved; to helping to facilitate much greater clarity and achievement of Life Performance Goals in a way that will put you at the forefront of Life Coaches!

This Touch for Health (TFH) training provides the foundations of ALL other Kinesiology trainings - it is Dr John Thies distillations of the Post Graduate Chiropractic system developed in the 1960's & 1970's by Dr's Goodheart and Associates. 

Manual Muscle Testing

TFH uses the tool of manual muscle testing to determine energy imbalances in the body, specifically in the systems of:

  • Meridians
  • Organs
  • Glands, and
  • 5 Elements (which have their origins in the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture).

Manual muscle testing is used to identify imbalances based on the understanding - discovered by Goodheart - that each of the skeletal muscles of the body is reflexed to a specific acupuncture meridian/organ/gland/element. Information as to the energetic health status of the meridian/organ/gland/element is received by "resisted tests" of specific muscles - this shows whether the meridian is "under facilitated" or "over facilitated".

The significance of Manual Muscle Testing 

  1. Testing the muscles gives a direct bio-readout of the imbalances in a person's meridian/ organ/ gland/ element systems. 
  2. Any such imbalances found will directly affect the structural integrity of those skeletal muscles e.g. an "under facilitated" meridian will cause all of the skeletal muscles related to that meridian to also behave in a muscularly weak, or "under facilitated" way when tested. This is turn can have a dramatic impact on a person's posture, or their ability to perform a particular movement in their sport or recreation. The implications for issues such as injury, aches and pains, posture compromised performance in Sport, or Life etc are endless and huge.

Dynamic Balance - the Triangle of Health

In TFH "Health" is regarded as the result of a "dynamic balance" between 3 different aspects or dimensions - called the Triangle of Health - and includes:

  • Postural/Structural Integrity
  • Nutritional/ Biochemical adequacy
  • Mental/Emotional considerations.

And an imbalance in any one of the "sides of the Triangle" or dimensions can manifest as symptoms in any of the other dimensions. E.g. a person who sits in front of a computer for long periods without getting up regularly to move and stretch, can develop short and tight psoas muscles (which are Kidney meridian muscles). Structurally, this person may experience a gradual onset of lower back pain (psoas muscles have a huge impact on lower back health).

Emotional Example

On an emotional level, this person may experience more "anxiety" (the emotional state associated with the Kidney meridian). And because all the Meridians are connected in a circular flow of energy, a build up in one can affect the others. In our example, this might result in an "over facilitated" Stomach meridian, which will cause the related neck muscles to get tight (a stiff neck), as well as discomfort with that persons digestion e.g. heartburn, or reflux.

Postural/Structural Example

Drinking too much coffee, which causes an over activation of the Triple Warmer meridian - specifically the adrenal glands; which can cause the sartorius, gracilis, and calf muscles to become hypertonic; resulting in any combination of groin/hip pain, knee pain, and/or achilles tendon pain.

Balancing and Correction Techniques include:

  • Massage or Stimulation of specific reflex points (e.g. Neurolymphatic/Neurovascular/Acupuncture Meridians) and/or
  • Nutritional support, and/or
  • Some very simple yet powerful procedures for balancing stressful emotions.

Using these techniques can bring the whole system back to Balance in a way that restores optimal Energy and Health. This system is completely compatible with so many different modalities - Massage, NMT, Bowen, Ortho-Bionomy, Osteopathy, Personal Trainer, Counsellor, Life Coach, Physiotherapy ... with an almost infinite range of conditions, imbalances, and pathologies that it can help to create greater balance and healing around e.g.for physical pain/restriction symptoms; organ dysfunctions; headaches; skin conditions; phobias; achieving life/professional goals; being more resourceful in exam performance; having more energy - the list is endless.

This 8 day Course is taught in 4 modules. Click on the links below for details of each course/module.

Once completed, students can arrange to sit a Proficiency Assessment process to become a Certified Touch for Health Kinesiologist, appearing on the register of the International Kinesiology College (IKC).

This training is available for anyone to learn, regardless of training or experience. The School would also like to encourage those with bodywork training & experience to undertake this mind-expanding journey of fascinating learning.


2023 Dates

We do not have any dates for Touch for Health Courses for 2023 - check back later.

You can click on the links below to get the course details for each of the levels from our 2021 schedule.

Modules taught in this course