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Our Cells Believe Every Word We Say

Welcome everyone to the Wellington School of Massage Therapy and our fantastic 2014 programme! We have so many exciting trainings coming up this year we’d love you to share in any or ALL of our courses – for a dose of Knowledge Expansion, Excitement, Inspiration and Practical Skills to help yourself and others! 

A big part of our philosophy in running courses through the School is to not only have tutors who are successful and extraordinary clinical Practitioners who are able to share that experience, but also to have available leading edge knowledge and information on Health & Healing.  As part of that commitment Jane & I got involved, 5 or 6 years ago at the Australian Kinesiology Conference in Sydney, with the amazing technology of HeartMath – even investing in a HeartMath monitor that through biofeedback allows you to train to achieve Heart Coherence – an expanded state of physiologically measurable calmness, peace and love.  


And on Fri 17 January we attended a presentation by one of the key players in HeartMath, Howard Martin.  The work these guys are doing globally through their Global Coherence Initiative to help our planet shift to a different level of consciousness is truly inspiring!



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One of the resources we use in teaching our Anatomy & Physiology classes, is a dvd of Cell Biologist Dr Bruce Lipton.  The second part of the evening was his presentation on the Biology of Belief. A simple message – we are made up of Cells (70 trillion) and Cells, every one of them, respond to signals from their environment.  Obviously, chemical signals – but perhaps even more importantly, the environmental signals that results from the filters of our beliefs and values, especially those around our own worth, value and esteem.  The message is loud and clear – if we want to survive and experience Heaven here on Earth – we must continue to evolve ever increasing levels of Consciousness and Awareness, and be constantly vigilant of our Thoughts, our Beliefs, and Self dialogue – so our Cells respond and evolve to the signal frequency of Extraordinary Health! WOW!!  An intense evening, and what a great way to start the year!!


Best wishes
Richard P. Rust
January 2014