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Touch for Health Kinesiology 3 (TFH3-21)

In TFH 3 we continue with resisted isometric muscle tests (Manual muscle testing) for skeletal muscles/muscle groups, so you can thoroughly assess their functional and energetic (electrical) integrity and the integrity of their related Acupuncture Meridians and Organs.  We continue to use the series of powerful, scientifically proven Structural correction techniques, including:

  • Neurolymphatic Reflexes
  • Neurovascular Reflexes
  • Meridian Tracing
  • Origin & Insertion Techniques
  • Spinal Reflexes

Additionally covered in TFH 3

  • Emotional Balancing - a series of simple yet powerful Emotional Balancing Corrections using the 5 Element Colour/Emotional System, that can transform negative emotional states into more positive, resourceful states, allowing healing from stuckness, grief, anger etc.
  • Reactive Muscles - learn how to identify hypertonic (Reactor) muscles that interact to proprioceptively “overpower” other muscles (Reactives) causing them to function in an "underfacilitated" way. Then learn the skills to “balance” these hypertonic muscles so that the myofascial and proprioceptive balance between Reactor (hypertonic) and Reactive muscles is restored.  (This can frequently result in almost instant reduction/elimination of related musculoskeletal pain, as well as increased functional postural efficiency).

Prerequisite TFH 1, TFH 2

The price for TFH 3 includes a set of photos of the TFH 3 Muscle Tests, and the Course certificate (provided online in .pdf format).

Module ID: TFH3-21
Course: Touch for Health Kinesiology
Course Dates

Start Date: 2021-07-03

End Date: 2021-07-04


Times 9am - 6pm

Note: these dates have changed from the previously advertised dates of July 10 & 11.


In Hours: 16

Out Hours: 7.5

Total Hours: 23.5


Normal Price: $425

Early Bird Price: $410

Early Bird Price Closing Date: 2021-06-23


Minimum Students: 4

Maximum Students: 10

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This module is taught as part of the Touch for Health Kinesiology .