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Transforming Communications

Relaxed and fun training to get better relationships in ALL areas of your life.  Effective communication helps to create Co-operative Relationships, one-to-one and in groups, reduces misunderstandings and reduces personal stress on you, so you can more fully enjoy more of your relationships -  in teams, in leadership roles, with professional colleagues and clients, partners, spouses, parents, kids, friends ........ the list is endless!!

  • Learn how to instantly feel more relaxed & confident in all situations
  • Create more harmony, understanding, ease and co-operation in your Life
  • Help others to really feel understood in a way that also gives them greater clarity in their own thoughts and feelings
  • Successfully communicate with others when you'd like a bit more co-operation from them
  • International training which combines key elements from NLP & Effectiveness Training.

Effective Communication
Effective Communication is the result of certain key strategies & skills that everyone - including you - uses at any time when your communication with someone is going really well. What this training does in such a fun way is to break down all the key skills & strategies involved in all excellent communication, and Conflict Resolution & Consulting, into easy steps that you can learn & start using immediately & more consistently and consciously, so you can significantly enhance the quality of every relationship you choose to.

This training forms part of the structure of several degree programmes in NZ, including Nursing & Counselling, and has been frequently taught in various large Corporates.

There are no prerequisites for this course - all are welcome.

Special Offer for Repeat Students
Depending on availability students may repeat this training at a reduced rate - places are limited (please register marking the form "repeat student"). New manuals are not provided to repeat students.

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Course Dates:

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In-class Hours: 28

Out of Class Hours: 0

Total Hours: 28



Early Bird Price: $595

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Minimum Students: 8

Maximum Students: 12