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Our Vision

To provide Life Enhancing Health Education by creating an environment & trainings wherein people are Inspired to Learn and Heal by regaining a greater awareness of the infinite potential for Radiant Health, Success, and Wellbeing within themselves; and who can thereby more effectively help and inspire others to similar healing. We aim to transform the learning experience into one of fun, excitement, and personal expansion that encourages and stimulates further learning as a lifelong commitment. 

Our Mission

Is to provide you with the highest quality Massage and Body Therapy Training and Health Awareness Education available in Australasia in the form of Comprehensive Leading Edge course content; and presented in the most unique, dynamic and exciting way, that creates the highest level of understanding and practical application of information and techniques for students. 


This is a quote from the book Warriors of the Heart by Danaan Parry. It is quoted here because it has a resonance with Our Vision, and the "Soul" of our School: "This is a book about you ..... the one who has that somehow unexplainable feeling that you were meant for something more, that your life has a greater purpose. This is a manual for all those who know (maybe not understand, but know) that they have somehow chosen to be part of something very new, something that could bring our species from the brink of destruction to the doorway of an entirely new concept of human relationships. Our planet is crying out for men and women to own their power and to be positive agents of peaceful change. This book is about you learning to do just that. The Warrior of the Heart is someone who is making a difference, a positive difference with their life. What matters is that, because the Warrior of the Heart has had the courage and commitment to live what she or he believes, and to follow their inner calling, their heart, the world is a better place to live and the conscious evolution of our species has moved forward one more notch".