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Australian Kinesiology Conference - Brisbane 2010

Having just completed a report of Bernard Carson’s visit to Wellington, teaching the Basic and Advanced N.O.T., I thought while I’m in a “reporting” mode, I might say a few words about the 2010 AKA Conference in Brisbane in October this year.

It all started with a teaching trip by Philip Rafferty in 2008 teaching advanced Kinergetics at our Wellington School.  He had just come from the AKA Conference in Melbourne, and on reading through the abstracts of all the presenters – of whom there were many iconic names in the world of Kinesiology, both Jane & I decided to try one of these Australian Conferences for ourselves!  So in 2009, we trotted off to the AKA Conference in Sydney, where the number and calibre of speakers and content was so inspiring, exciting, and fascinating – we became addicted!  After all, that’s where we met Peter Morningstar and Bernard Carson, both of whom have taught courses at our Wellington School.

So we were really primed and excited to head off to Brisbane for the 2010 AKA Conference on 22 – 24 October.  It was actually really wonderful to arrive at the venue and have many of the “hard core” crew greet us, remembering the 2 Kiwis from the 2009 Conference (we both love it when we’re remembered and welcomed into their community).  And the line-up, while completely different again from last year, was no less exciting and inspiring!

From the keynote speaker, on Friday night, Prof. Mel Sydney-Smith, MD, talking about “Body System Breakdown (Chronic Disease)” displaying volumes of scientifically validated research implicating the excess consumption of starchy carbohydrates (which all break down to glucose – sugar) as a key player in many of our Western society dis-eases – from Diabetes, to Heart Disease, Chronic Hypertension, Chronic Obesity and more – leaving a lot of our left brains reeling from the scientific version of this huge topic.

We also found the non-Kinesiology presentation of Karyn Chapman on the Alexander Technique absolutely inspiring.  She combines Alexander teaching with Yoga in a unique blend of working with chronic pain – the demos were amazing, and with just small “tweeks”, the difference it made!  Definitely got us interested in checking out some Alexander Practitioners here in Wellington.

We also loved the presentation of Integrative Medical Practitioner Dr. Sandeep Gupta MD on the importance of “grounding” – literally connecting to the “Earth” to discharge static and positive ions.  With the use of a “grounding sheet” in the bed, those in a clinical trial experienced deeper sleep, got to sleep quicker, reported feeling more rested in the mornings, experienced significant reductions in muscle stiffness, chronic back and joint pain!

Other presenters who “wowed” were of course Bernard Carson – again!  And Peter Erikson, another N.O.T. Practitioner & Instructor (and Chiropractor) who gave a fabulous demo on balancing the Dura (straight out of N.O.T. Category 1 – but just presented in a uniquely different way).





Peter Erikson, Bernard Carson, Richard Rust, Jane Brenan

It was also great to experience Hugo Tobar – a prolific publisher of Kinesiology material (check the Equilibrium book lists, he features prominently.

And the fabulously entertaining Dr Bruce Dewe, finishing up the Conference as the final presenter.  This was the first time Jane and I have met and experienced the famous Dr Dewe – he was thoroughly entertaining and engaging, with many stories – an extremely professional speaker.  It was great to finally connect with such an icon of Kinesiology.





Dr Bruce Dewe with  Jane Brenan &  Richard Rust

We would both really encourage any New Zealanders to join us in future AKA Conference – they’re so inspiring, it really gives a boost to your energy, your work, and your life!

Unfortunately for us, the 2011 AKA Conference is in Perth – a bit too far for us to travel.  But we’ll definitely be at the Adelaide Conference in 2012!  See you there?

Richard Rust & Jane Brenan
November 2010