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Developed by Philip Rafferty after practising Touch for Health for 20 years - Philip was driven by a burning curiosity and desire as to how to combine the powerful healing of advanced level Reiki within a framework of Kinesiology. The result of his researches and efforts is Kinergetics, which can be described as one of the most powerful of the "new Healing Frequencies".  If you're interested in facilitating really deep physiological Healing and Balance beyond the structural levels e.g. increased Tissue Hydration that can create greater Kidney and Liver efficiency; Heavy Metals elimination; Candida & Pathogenic yeast elimination; Chronic and Acute Pain syndromes that haven't responded to other therapies .... TMJ Dysfunction .... and so much more, then come and join us and help spread the extraordinary Healing of this dynamic physiolocially based system of structured "energy work".

How Does It Work

Through the vehicle of manual muscle testing, both client and practitioner get immediate bio-feedback as to existing stresses in the client's body/energy system, as well as where in the body and for how long the application of Healing energy is required; and confirmation of the change through post-correction muscle testing.

After Only 4 Days of Training
You will be able to immediately start working with others to create Deep Healing through balancing the energy of:

  • Organs
  • Glands (Hormones) and 
  • Chakras (subtle energy vertices that transmute Life force energy into the body).

These balances/corrections tend to work at a much deeper level, and more consistently that other systems, by virtue of the Kinergetics System of formatting i.e. simple physiological formats into specific body tissues (all pre-written in the Course Manuals) that direct the Healing Energy through these pathways into the target tissues.

Kinergetics can identify physical problems and mental and emotional stresses that are blocking or sabotaging personal growth and affecting your wellbeing.

The basis for many of the Kinergetics balances is the understanding that postural and/or emotional and/or biochemical (including toxins) stresses in the body can block the assimilation of water by involved tissues, which in turn can lead to dis-ease and pathological states in those tissues ("the major cause of chronic pain is dehydration" Dr F. Batmanghelidj). At least 99% of people have stresses held in the kidneys, adrenals, and/or hypothalamus, which can block the assimilation of water, leading to dehydration (and related pain, dysfunction, and inbalance). Kinergetics corrections help the body to powerfully balance and resolve/integrate these stresses, leading to optimum assimilation of water, which enhances all healing.

Kinergetics Works On:

  • Strengthening the immune system to eliminate and/or balance candida, and other parasites.
  • Strengthening elimination organs to safely remove heavy metals (e.g. mercury, nickel, lead); and other toxins (e.g. formaldehyde, arsenic).
  • Identify and correct "jammed muscles" (i.e. hypertonic muscles that simply wont release any other way).
  • Muscle stretching corrections for dramatically increased flexibility
  • General balances for peak performance .....

Personal reflection "having done several thousand Kinergetics balances since 2005, many clients (and myself) have been stunned at some of the dramatic results that have been triggered by the Kinergetics balances; including almost miraculous softening of "jammed muscles" - hypertonic muscles that have resisted almost every type of bodywork including Deep Tissue Massage, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Acupuncture .... Kinergetics has truly expanded the type of conditions I can work with - and my understanding of the quantum, energetic fabric that is the human energy system - and the limitless capacity to heal from almost any condition....." Richard Rust, School Director.

Students repeating courses
Special offer for those who are repeating any Kinergetics Units 1 - 6 the price per 2 day module is $93. 


All welcome. Kinergetics Unit 1 & Unit 2 and the respective Kinergetics Integration session are designed to be completed together within a single intake. Together they form part of a structured program or training.

Kinergetics Courses must be completed in order.

Click here to view a Kinergetics demonstration by Philip Rafferty.

Modules taught in this course