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Head Injury Protocol (HIP-20)

The Head Injury Protocol is a global Reactive Muscle Balancing protocol essential for anyone who has experienced Head or Neck trauma, or anything that causes injury or bruising to the Head (even apparently minor). Any such injury or trauma can result in:

  • Scrambling of the normal head & neck righting reflexes that give direction and co-ordination to the neck and shoulder muscles to efficiently and effectively “hold the head on the neck and shoulders”.
  • This is turn results in extreme Neck & Shoulder tension – as the myofascial tissues struggle to hold the head upright i.e. without “reflexive” co-ordination.

Other symptoms include

  • Chronic and/or acute Jaw tension
  • Chronic or acute Pain syndromes afflicting the Neck, Shoulders and Arms; and Lower Back
  • Headaches and/or migraines
  • Eye strain
  • Hard to correct postural problems – from the global underfacilitation of major postural muscles
  • Irritability – a tendency to a “short fuse” i.e. flying off the handle at small things
  • When the cervical curve has “disappeared”
  • Retained and/or Active or Reactivated Primitive Reflexes – which can contribute to co-ordination problems, learning difficulties, emotional instability
  • Clients for whom Soft Tissue Therapies e.g. Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage, Bowen, Fascial Stripping approaches etc – at best provide temporary relief; and never seem able to deal with all the client’s structural and pain issues; and
  • Clients for whom your Kinesiology balances just don’t seem to hold as well as you’d like
  • Development of fibromyalgia like aches and pains (some research suggests a connection between fibromyalgia and a history of whiplash)
  • All because they do not address the body's Neurological Head & Righting Reflexes. 


  • How to test for Head Injury Protocol deficit
  • Understanding the Reactive Muscle Chain of the Head Injury Protocol
  • Correction and Balancing of the Head and Neck Righting Reflexes matrix
  • Use of the eye fascia to quickly balance structural deficits through the H.I. complex.
  • How to challenge the “in relation to” factors - e,g, the original head trauma - to the H.I.P.
  • How to Challenge and Correct imbalances through the Vagus Nerve Screening points, then the Head Injury Protocol.

 Benefits for Clients

  • Reduced pain
  • Better mobility
  • Clearer vision
  • Greater postural balance
  • More energy – they don’t have to hold the Head “up” all the time.
  • Better emotional stability
  • Improved sporting activities
  • Better memory & learning.


This course forms part of our Advanced Kinesiology Neuro Somatic Visceral Integration Training series. This is one of the fundamental protocols developed by Carl Ferreri D.C. when he created Neural Organisation Technique (N.O.T.).  Dr Ferreri was one of the original “dirty dozen” research Chiropractors (co-ordinated by George Goodheart D.C.) all of whom created the original Applied Kinesiology system.  


Touch for Health 1 – 4; TFH Proficiency (preferred); competence with Reactive Muscles.

Module ID: HIP-20
Course: Neuro Somatic Visceral Integration
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This module is taught as part of the Neuro Somatic Visceral Integration.