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The Practise of Treatment Massage: Shoulder + Thoracic Spine

This module covers the Shoulder + Thoracic Spine. It is one of a series of 8 modules designed to bring your Massage treatment skills to a more advanced level. The other module scheduled this year is Structural Clinical Assessment Skills, at the end of June - course code SCAS-18. The remaining modules will be scheduled over the next couple of years, or on demand. Each modules covers:


  • Information Gathering
  • Palpation
  • Postural Observation & Charting
  • Gait Observation & Correcting
  • Range of Motion Testing (Active, Passive)
  • Resisted Tests

Treatment Planning

A full treatment sequence for all muscles in each specific area/joint, including

  • Application of Relevant Strokes 
  • Progression of Strokes

Principles & Protocols of Massage

Completion of this Course will prepare students to confidently and competently:

(i) Effectively treat a full range of musculo-skeletal pain & dysfunction symptoms, using a variety of techniques including Ischaemic Compressions; Slow Deep Longitudinal Strokes; Trigger Point Release; Myofascial Release, Active Tissue Release.
(ii) Develop the ability to comprehensively assess, chart & understand the many of the causes of musculo-skeletal pain & dysfunction conditions; develop an effective treatment plan for restoring the body back to full balance; & actually do the hands on work to achieve this goal.

If you want to become completely comfortable and confident with accessing and treating most regions of the body, then this is your Course. While being a comprehensive Course in its own right this training will also thoroughly prepare students for more advanced Courses such as Clinical NeuroMuscular Therapy.

The 8 Modules

  1. Structural Clinical Assessment Skills 
  2. Assessment & Treatment - Shoulder & Thoracic Spine 
  3. Assessment & Treatment - Neck 
  4. Assessment Treatment  - Lumbar Spine & Abdomen incl. Visceral Massage (Organs)
  5. Assessment & Treatment - Hip 
  6. Assessment & Treatment - Ankle & Foot 
  7. Assessment & Treatment - Elbow, Wrist & Hand
  8. Putting It All Together x 2

Eligibility This Course is a core requirement for the WSMT's Diploma in Therapeutic Treatment Massage and the Diploma in Advanced Treatment Massage & Related Body Therapies.  This is an advanced programme primarily designed for those students who have completed the School's Certificate in Therapeutic Massage Course (or other equivalent training). Contact the School to discuss your eligibility.

Co-requisite or pre-requisite Course  (i.e. must either have been completed previously, or done as soon as scheduled) are:
Applied Musculo-Anatomy Course (AMSA)

Your investment includes full Course notes.

Course ID: PRACSH+TS-18
Course Dates:

Start Date: Jul 27, 2018

End Date: Jul 28, 2018


Fri evening/Sat

Times - Fri evenings 6pm - 9pm; Sat 9am - 6pm




In-class Hours: 11

Out of Class Hours: 5

Total Hours: 16



Early Bird Price: $182.50

Early Bird Price Closing Date: Jul 17, 2018


Minimum Students: 4

Maximum Students: 12