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Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner Training (ORTHOPT-17)

This course addresses issues and questions that arise for individuals completing the Practitioner Training Programs and helps participants synthesise their entire training experience. The class format includes time to discuss questions or problems that arise during a session, an opportunity to receive feedback and supervision about difficult cases, and information on how to best structure a session, set fees, and communicate with clients. One of the really important issues this training deals with is developing, in the Practitioner, the skill of "holding the space". That is, so often the Practitioner gets pulled into the "drama" of the clients presenting condition, and gets lost in the "I'll do my best to fix you" drama whirlpool. This creates a "fix it" intention, leaving the Practitioner "in tension". Whereas, some of the most powerful healing actually occurs when the Practitioner is able to "hold the space for the client to have their pain, dysfunction, upset, and for the Practitioner to continue to be "OK" with that. And also how to re-create this "space" if the Practitioner finds they have inadvertently bought into the clients "you fix me" belief. Very deep and profound explorations of Practitioner/Client dynamics.

Prerequisite Phase 4

Module ID: ORTHOPT-17
Course: Ortho-Bionomy
Course Dates

Start Date: 2017-07-09

End Date: 2017-07-10


Times 9am - 6pm


In Hours: 16

Out Hours: 0

Total Hours: 16


Normal Price: $350

Early Bird Price: $335

Early Bird Price Closing Date: 2017-06-29


Minimum Students: 8

Maximum Students: 16

This module is taught as part of the Ortho-Bionomy.