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Atlas + Pelvic Stabilisation (APS-18)

The Atlas & Pelvic Stabilisation Course provides the answer to why Ilium rotations happen, and why they are notoriously challenging, not so much to correct, but to stay corrected. This is the perfect addition to your Touch for Health skills so you can help clients with more long term structural challenges. This 3 day course is held over one weekend then continues on the following Sunday.


  • Checking and balancing the important relationship between the base of the spine and base of the skull (Sacral-Occipital Fixations)
  • Checking and clearing the fascial layer around the spinal cord that can get twisted and stuck (Dural Torque)
  • Balancing Key Lymphatic drainage reflexes
  • Balancing the reflexes that help keep you upright (Visuals, Labrynthines, and Cloacals)
  • Balance long term postural problems
  • Correction of Atlas alignment problems.

 Benefits for Clients

  • Better sleep
  • Almost instant relief from Lumbo-Sacral & Sacro-Iliac pain syndromes
  • Ilium rotation balance
  • Leg length corrections
  • Pain reduction in Lower Back/Sacral/Sacro-Iliac
  • Elimination of Thoracic and Shoulder muscle compensations (short and tight and contralateral long and tight)
  • Balanced posture and movement
  • Reduced Knee pain
  • Improved posture & gait
  • A more balanced Cerebro Spinal Fluid pump mechanism.


This course forms part of our Advanced Kinesiology NeuroSomatic Visceral Integration Training series. This is one of the fundamental protocols developed by Carl Ferreri D.C. when he created Neural Organisation Technique (N.O.T.).  Dr Ferreri was one of the original “dirty dozen” research Chiropractors (co-ordinated by George Goodheart D.C.) all of whom created the original Applied Kinesiology system.  The technical name for the protocols and information presented in this training is “Atlas Stability and Category 1 Sacral Respiratory Fault Mechanism Correction”.


Touch for Health 1 – 4; TFH Proficiency (preferred); competence with Reactive Muscles.

Module ID: APS-18
Course: Neuro Somatic Visceral Integration
Course Dates

Start Date: 2018-08-11

End Date: 2018-08-19

Aug 11 + 12 (Sat/Sun)
Aug 19 (Sun)

Times 9am - 6pm


In Hours: 22.5

Out Hours: 0

Total Hours: 22.5


Normal Price: $410.00

Early Bird Price: $395.00

Early Bird Price Closing Date: 2018-08-01


Minimum Students: 4

Maximum Students: 10

This module is taught as part of the Neuro Somatic Visceral Integration.