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Theory of Therapeutic Massage

This Course now forms part of the Certificate in Therapeutic Massage. From 2021 it became available as an online course only and can be completed concurrently with, or after completion of the in-class components of the Certificate in Therapeutic Massage.

It may also be taken as a stand alone course for those interested in the theoretical components of Therapeutic Massage practise.

Students who have previously completed the Certificate in Therapeutic Massage, and are working or considering working professionally as a Massage Practitioner, are strongly encouraged to complete this Theory of Therapeutic Massage Course as a follow up training to inform their practise.

Those completing the Diploma in Therapeutic Treatment Massage qualification will be delighted that this course is now available online.

Topics include theoretical aspects, explanations and considerations of the following:

  • History
  • Ethics
  • The Therapeutic Relationship
  • Principles & Protocols
  • Physiological Effects of Specific Massage Strokes
  • Phases of Soft Tissue Healing & Massage
  • Physiological Effects of Therapeutic Massage on Body Systems
  • Indications, Contraindications and Cautions
  • Stress & Therapeutic Massage
  • Self Care
  • Use of Tools in Therapeutic Massage
  • Massage and Athletes
  • Massage for Special Needs

For this course you will need to click HERE to go to our online site (Thinkific platform) to create a logon and password, make payment, and gain access to the Theory of Therapeutic Massage Course. You will find 14 Chapters with a lot of information - take your time and enjoy the learning journey. Chapters contain quiz's which help you to review the information covered within each section. Any you may contact us with questions at any time.

Mosbys Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage, Sandy Fritz (from the 4th edition onward) is a recommended text which is optional and is not necessary to have to complete this online course. It is an impressive text book that would be a very useful addition for all Massage Practitioners to have to be able to refer to.

Course ID: THEORY-Online
Course Dates:

Course can be started as soon as a logon has been created on Thinkific and full payment has been made.


Out of Class Hours: 45