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Remedial & Therapeutic Stretching

This is a practically based Course that forms part of the WSMT'S Diploma in Therapeutic Treatment Massage, the Diploma in Advanced Treatment Massage & Related Body Therapies, the Diploma in Kinesiology, and the Certificate in Therapeutic & Sports Massage.

This Course incorporates many of the key elements of the Stretching Workshops run by Kit Laughlin (Australia) for Posture & Flexibility, and for the Treatment of Neck and Back Pain. Many Professional Massage Therapists are woefully lacking (i) in personal flexibility, and (ii) an understanding of the vital importance of remedial stretching as an adjunct to Massage Treatment. This course is designed to bring you up to speed in both of these areas.

All participants are guaranteed to complete this Course with significantly increased flexibility.

Course content includes:

  • Benefits of flexibility
  • Review of all stretching approaches (including active, passive, partner assisted, PNF/MER, reciprocal inhibition)
  • Use of stretching as an essential adjunct to Massage Treatment (partner assisted)
  • Use of stretching as self treatment
  • Full sequence of contract/relax stretches for treatment of most musculo-skeletal pain and dysfunction patterns in the body.

Eligibility: Depending on the availability of places this Course may be completed as an individual Course however, preference will be given to those students completing either of the Certificate Courses. Students who have attended one of Kit Laughlin's workshops may apply for RPL and exemption from this Course.

Course ID: R+TS-17
Course Dates:

Not scheduled in 2017


In-class Hours: 14

Out of Class Hours: 0

Total Hours: 14



Early Bird Price: $325

Early Bird Price Closing Date:


Minimum Students: 10

Maximum Students: 14