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Relaxation Massage

This 2 day Relaxation Massage Course is ideal for beginners and will inspire and educate participants about the world of massage.  It also offers a great exploration into the art of relaxation and is ideal for those with some Massage experience who would like to offer a deeper blissful experience.

Full body Relaxation Massage is truly one of lifes precious ecstasies - it offers the opportunity to reconnect with your body in a nurturing and loving way. When we are nothing more than a bunch of differentiated cells in the womb - one of the cell layers - the ectoderm - eventually becomes our skin, but not before infolding into the cell mass, to become our brain and spinal cord! Thus begins the intimate connection between our Central Nervous system and our Integumentary System (skin). This may well explain the often deep and profound sense of peace, wellbeing, and healing that is experienced during and after good Relaxation Massage. It allows you to fully experience a complete acceptance of your true humanness - which is a state of pure love, bliss and presence - at a deep and cellular level.

This hands-on course covers a full body relaxation massage sequence, including:

  • back of the body (back/shoulders/glutes/legs)
  • feet
  • face & scalp
  • abdomen & chest
  • arms/hands

It also includes:

  • setting up a relaxation massage session:  hows & whys
  • relaxation techniques including breathwork & visualisation
  • introduction to polarity & energy work
  • comfort on the table/draping etc
  • self-care for the therapist
  • relaxation strokes/techniques without a table
  • healthy lifestyle issues

Taught by Jules Barber, full time Massage and Bodywork Practitioner (a graduate of the WSMT). Jules draws on many different modalities, taking even treatment based techniques from e.g. NeuroMuscular Therapy, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Acupressure, NLP - and blending them with traditional Relaxation Massage techniques, to create a unique and dynamic approach that is easy to learn and creates deep relaxation, bliss, and healing in the receiver.

Eligibility: All are welcome.

Course ID: RELAX
Course Dates:

not scheduled


In-class Hours: 15

Out of Class Hours: 0

Total Hours: 15


Minimum Students: 10

Maximum Students: 12