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Massage Tools

Why Use Massage Tools?

One of the biggest concerns to all Body Workers, and most particularly Massage Practitioners - is Occupational Overuse Syndromes in their Hands, and Fingers - especially Thumbs! This Massage Tools Course is an introduction to the use of pressure bars - also know as T-Bars - to treat difficult to access tissues, and save Practitioners hands and thumbs.

This Tools training is designed to give you an introduction to the use of Tools in your practise to help you to maintain longevity in your work. The Course will cover specific routines for safely accessing various parts of the body.  It will also cover issues on:

  • Safety - when using Tools
  • Bring the Massage Tool(s) you currently use to class and the tutor will give you feedback
  • Endangerment areas of the body to avoid when using Tools
  • Hygienic considerations when using Tools.

Why This Course?

Some Practitioners may need reminding that under the Health + Disabilities Commissioner Act 1994, the main restriction on Professional practise is - whatever you do professionally in your Health Practise (techniques etc) is generally accepted as OK as long as you have proof - e.g. a Certificate, or Letter of Attendance - of having received Training in that specific practise/technique. This Course will teach you how to appropriately and safely use a range of Massage Tools with clients, and fulfil the requirements under this extremely important legislation.

We are delighted to host this 2 day programme, facilitated by Leon Botello, CNMT, LMT - International Massage and Clinical NeuroMuscular Practitioner and Tutor.  Leon has extensive experience in teaching Therapeutic Massage and CNMT in many Massage Colleges around N.Z., and remains one of N.Z.'s most advanced Practitioners and Instructors.

The minimum prerequisite is completion of the WSMT's Certificate in Therapeutic Massage, or equivalent. Check with us if you are unsure if you are eligible.

Course ID: TOOLS-18
Course Dates:

Start Date: Dec 1, 2018

End Date: Dec 2, 2018


Times 9am - 6pm


In-class Hours: 16

Out of Class Hours: 0

Total Hours: 16



Early Bird Price: $335

Early Bird Price Closing Date: Nov 21, 2018


Minimum Students: 8

Maximum Students: 14