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Bowen Technique

The powerful Healing you'll be able to facilitate in yourself & others even after the first few days of Bowen Training will simply blow your mind! The Bowen Technique is a living example of the concept of the most simple of healing techniques creating the most powerful of results.

Bowen Technique Results

  • Complete freeing up of a Frozen Shoulder, thereby avoiding surgery (1 session)
  • Helping a clients' constant uterine bleeding of 6 weeks duration to completely resolve, avoiding a possible hysterectomy (2 sessions)
  • Helping a client with a several years history of debilitating migraines to be completely migraine free (in 3 sessions)
  • "Doing the Respiratory procedure on my partner, he hasn't used his inhaler since!"
  • "Doing the Bowen Upper Respiratory & TMJ procedures dramatically reduced my client's tinnitus from Minnier's disease!".

These are just a few examples of the type of extraordinary healing using the Bowen Technique that we frequently hear students who have completed our Bowen Training report back to the School; and that you can do also.  So if you think you're up to this challenge, then you, your family, friends, and clients - will be eternally grateful that you have learned this simple, practitioner friendly, & transportable healing system. Receiving a Bowen Session is like finding an oasis of peace and balance in the turmoil and stress of 21st century living.

Tom Bowen
Tom Bowen developed & evolved this unique system of soft tissue manipulation procedures in Australia in the 1950's, 60's & 70's; for which he had a vision to be available for anyone to learn, so that all humanity could benefit from the powerful healing it stimulates.

Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA)
The teaching requirements for the Bowen Technique are set internationally by the Head Office of Bowtech, the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA). On satisfactory completion of all 6 modules, case studies, and written assignments, students can attend the 2 day Module 7. On satisfactory completion of two Module 7 classes, A & P requirements and other case study requirements, students will gain the Diploma of Proficiency in the Bowen Therapeutic Technique, an Internationally recognised Bowen qualification (registered with the BTAA).

There are no prerequisites for this 12 x day training - all are welcome.

Revision Days
Graduates can attend any day/module as Revision Days. The Investment is $150 (with an earlybird price of $145 if paid in full 10 days before the day(s) they are attending). Registrations essential.


Students to contact the School if they want to register for individual modules, $400 per module. Modules must be completed in order. 

Course ID: BOWEN-18
Course Dates:

Start Date: Apr 21, 2018

End Date: Dec 31, 2018

Module 1
Apr 21 & May 5 Sat/Sat 

Module 2
May 26 & Jun 16 Sat/Sat

Module 3
Jul 7 & Aug 4 Sat/Sat 

Module 4
Aug 18 & Oct 6 Sat/Sat 

Module 5
Nov 3 & 24 Sat/Sat 

Module 6 (2019)
Feb 16 & Mar 9 Sat/Sat

Times 9am - 5pm


In-class Hours: 84

Out of Class Hours: 10

Total Hours: 94



Early Bird Price: $2000

Early Bird Price Closing Date: Apr 11, 2018


Minimum Students: 4

Maximum Students: 12

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