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Ortho-Bionomy® Practitioner

Our course schedule is part time and mostly held outside of normal working hours. The modular programme means that individual courses are completed and students can choose to work towards a qualification by completing specific courses.  If you have any questions about any of our Qualifications please contact the School.


The Ortho-Bionomy® Courses being offered at WSMT form part of an internationally recognised Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner training (sanctioned by the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International) and the Association of NZ Ortho-Bionomists Incorporated.   

Each Ortho-Bionomy Course takes 2 days with the Phase 4 Course being the entry level for all other modules.  The Phase 4 Course can be repeated many times while students refine their technique and work towards Practitioner level. 

Each "course" has a specific topic or content, so that they all build together.  Students can therefore start their training at any time, picking up courses as they are available, as long as they have completed a Phase 4 Course.

Course details being held at WSMT are available under the COURSES section on this web site.


Practitioner Training Program
Details provided by the Association of NZ Ortho-Bionomists Incorporated www.ortho-bionomy.co.nz

By election and by completing 628 hours training of:-


64 hours - Phase Four

16 hours - Phase Five

16 hours - Phase Six

16 hours - Ethics & Emotional Issues

16 hours - Exploration of Movement

16 hours - Posture & Post Techniques

16 hours - Isometrics/Isotonics

16 hours - Elective

16 hours - Practitioner Training

100 hours - Anatomy & Physiology to NZQA level 4 level, or higher

16 hours - Workplace First Aid (or current certificate)

16 hours - Elements of a Successful practice

16 hours - Demonstration Skills

40 hours - Residential workshop

Evaluation Sessions

3 hours 3 x 1 -hour session with an Instructor

Study Group and Tutorials

18 hours Study group sessions with an approved Instructor

3 hours 3 x 1-hour private training/feedback sessions with an Instructor

Client Sessions

200 hours 200 documented hours of client sessions, 80 of which are debriefed with/by an Instructor

Sessions Received

10 hours 10 x 1 hour sessions from a qualified Practitioner or Instructor.

Time Frame

No less than three years from the Students first certified Ortho-Bionomy course including Anatomy & Physiology but excluding Workplace First Aid

1 credit = approximately one hour; 1 days tuition = 8 credits


Ortho-Bionomy® Practitioner requires the completion of the following Courses and Modules