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Study with us for a brighter future

Inspiring leaders in Health Education, more effective skills, better choices. Study at your own pace with our modular part time programme. You will be taught real & practical skills by excellent tutors delivering quality content (since 1995). Choose from Therapeutic Massage, Touch for Health Kinesiology, Kinergetics Kinesiology, Neuro Somatic Visceral Integration, Ortho-Bionomy®, Anatomy & Physiology, Bowen Technique, Bach Remedies.


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The Radiant Health Centre for holistic health

Our team of therapists work with you so you can achieve optimum performance in life. Feel better, be better, live better. We believe Radiant Health is your birthright. A wide range of therapies are offered - Touch for Health Kinesiology, Kinergetics Kinesiology, Neural Organisation Technique (NOT), Total Body Modification (TBM), Therapeutic Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Ortho-bionomy®, Bowen Technique, Bach Remedies. We help you on your journey to Radiant Health.

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Our School

The Wellington School of Massage Therapy was established in 1995 to provide Massage training courses and Anatomy & Physiology courses.  Since then the programme has expanded to include other modalities, including Kinesiology - Touch for Health, Kinergetics and Neuro Somatic Visceral Integration Courses, Bowen Therapeutic Technique (Bowtech), Ortho-Bionomy, and Bach Flower Remedies.  Many students are Wellington locals, while others travel from all around NZ to take advantage of the wide variety of courses. The programme is modular, held mostly outside of normal working hours, and with a wide variety of Courses from entry level to post diploma Courses.

Temporary Closure

In order to stop the spread of Covid-19 the NZ Government has instructed all non-essential businesses to cease operating from their places of business. As we are not in the essential health category we will be closed from Wednesday evening 25 March until the alert levels are reduced and we can welcome you back to the Wellington School of Massage Therapy.

Keep in touch via our facebook page and you can also email us with any enquiries/questions. If we are in a position to put some training options online we will let you know via Facebook and email newsletters.

Stay safe and stay positive.


Kinergetics Unit 4

For our Kinergetics Kinesiology students we have scheduled a Unit 4 Course on March 21 + 22 Sat/Sun - details here.


Touch for Health Kinesiology

Postponed - will re-schedule when we are able to re-start classes. Learn the magic of Kinesiology! In Touch for Health Kinesiology Level 1, on April 3 - 5 (Fri pm - Sun) you will learn manual muscle testing with corrections for 14 of the major muscles. The muscle testing is technical and accurate so knowledge of anatomy can be useful, but not essential to start on this journey! TFH Level 2 is on Apr 18 + 19; TFH 3 on May 9 + 10; and TFH 4 is on May 23 + 24. Registrations essential and deals available for doing...


Remedial + Therapeutic Stretching Course

March 13 - 15 (Fri evening - Sun) are the dates for our 1st course for the year - our popular Remedial + Therapeutic Stretching Course. Full details here. Learn how to stretch yourself, plus showing clients how to stretch. Some partner-assisted stretches will be included. Limited places available.