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Neural Organisation Technique - join us in August for the 4 day Basic N.O.T. with Bernard Carsen (Australia) and see how he has learned to take these Basic protocols into mind boggling levels of sophistication and healing.  The man is extraordinary! 

This 8 day training will be held in 2 x 4 day blocks here in Wellington in 2010.

Basic N.O.T.Protocols & Procedures (17-10 August 4 days)
Lateral Atlas, Category I & II Cranial Injury Complex, Limbic System, Digestive System, Cardiac Back, and TMJ protocols, and Bernard's own work on balancing the feet and ankle joints which stabilises all the other work.

Advanced N.O.T. Training (18 - 21 November 4 days)
Endocrine Corrections, Learning Difficulties, Emotional Clearning

Prerequisite is Touch for Health 4.

Full Course details here

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