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Myofascial Release

This MyoFascial Release Course teaches gentle but powerful techniques to release the connective tissue that holds the body in dysfunctional postural patterns. Almost every tissue in the body is surrounded by some type of fascia, like an envelope. And distortions in the fascia at one end of the body can dramatically and adversely affect the health of the tissues elsewhere in the body. In the same way, releasing fascia around muscles in appropriate areas can "ease" local and distant tensions in the body, helping to restore optimal functioning and movement.

The gentle techniques of MyoFascial Release are also an ideal way of "softening" parts of the body that have a lot of tension and "holding" patterns, allowing easier access to deeper tissues when doing Massage Treatment.

The tutor is Leon Botello

This Course can be completed as a stand-alone course and is also part of several qualifications; the Diploma in Therapeutic Treatment Massage, the Diploma in Advanced Treatment Massage & Related Body Therapies, and the Certificate in Clinical NeuroMuscular Therapy.

This Course is a must for any Health Practitioner working with musculo-skeletal and/or visceral pain. The minimum prerequisite is completion of the WSMT's Certificate in Therapeutic Massage, or equivalent.

Course ID: MFR
Course Dates:

not scheduled


In-class Hours: 16

Out of Class Hours: 0

Total Hours: 16


Minimum Students: 10

Maximum Students: 12