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Certificate in Therapeutic Massage

Note: a date change means this course now starts 16 Sept (Friday evening) instead of 19 August.

This is the foundation Therapeutic Massage Course held by the School. If you are looking for a package of Massage training that will prepare you for doing Therapeutic Massage for any or all of the following, then this course is for you.

  • Family & friends
  • Professional paying clients
  • For relaxation/stress reduction
  • To help alleviate a variety of stress & injury related aches, pains, and restricted movements
  • Hugely assist with recovery from training and sport
  • Using the most appropriate Massage and Fascial Release techniques.

To enable us to support the large numbers of our students using this Course as a platform to work professionally as Massage Practitioners (either part time or full time) we have upgraded this Course from 2021 so that the Certificate in Therapeutic Massage qualification requires an additional course – the online Theory of Therapeutic Massage Course (separate fees apply). Our recommendation is for students to undertake the online Theory Course concurrently with, or after completing the Therapeutic Massage Course. Some students may prefer to complete it prior to attending the Therapeutic Massage Course - we are flexible, please contact us to discuss.

In these uncertain and volatile economic times, completion of this course will help enable you to take charge of your financial destiny while fulfilling this era’s need for spiritual expression through contribution and service. There is no shortage of clients needing the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing of touch through Massage. Today’s way of communicating and interacting is so electronic – email, facebook, twitter, Instagram, texting etc - as a species, we seem to be becoming more physically alienated and distant. The interaction of Massage helps bring us back to ourselves – the core of who we are. It is deeply healing for both receiver and practitioner.

Registering for this training is making an investment and commitment to yourself and to humanity. Come and join us – we’d love to share this important work in the Certificate in Therapeutic Massage qualification.

There’s no doubt that doing Therapeutic Massage is physically demanding work – your tutor, Richard Rust, as well as doing a range of other Somatic Therapies, still continues to do some Therapeutic Massage. In this training he'll share down to earth and practical skills you’ll need to ensure your health, safety, and longevity in this industry from his 30 plus years of clinical experience, and teaching, in Therapeutic Massage.

The In-class component of the Therapeutic Massage Course is held over 5 weekends, plus one Friday evening. 

In-class - 84 hours

Out of class – 66.5 hours

  • 15 hours of practical hands-on Massage work to be done outside of class.
  • 4 hour written revision assignment – to be done outside of class.
  • 5 hours for a Professional Feedback session (including 30 minutes table setup and client interview; 1.5 hour hands-on Therapeutic Massage; 30 minutes of feedback and packing up towels and equipment). Students select a qualified Practitioner from a list of Practitioners provided by the School. This will provide the student with professional feedback to assist them in their Massage training development.
  • 45 hours for the Theory of Therapeutic Massage Course (separate fees apply). Completed online, either concurrently with the Therapeutic Massage Course, or once the above requirements have been completed. Course details here.

Students who complete the above satisfactorily, including returning all out of class practical hours paperwork, Professional feedback form, & revision assignment, fully complete the Theory of Therapeutic Massage Course, by the agreed dates, will be awarded The Certificate in Therapeutic Massage qualification - total hours 150.5.

Eligibility: This course is designed for anyone who has a high interest in learning a variety of Basic and Advanced Massage techniques, and who may be considering Therapeutic Massage as a profession.

Your investment includes password access to training videos of all Massage sequences.

Note: a separate fee of $299.95 applies for the Theory of Therapeutic Massage Course - this must be paid in full via our online platform prior to starting the online Theory of Therapeutic Massage Course. 

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Modules taught in this course