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Bach Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are unique, safe, simple to use, and extremely effective for managing the emotional demands of everyday life. The 38 Bach Flower Remedies are the legacy of Dr Edward Bach, a Medical Doctor & Homeopath who had a vision for creating a completely natural, safe and gentle medicine that would be easily accessible to anyone interested in healing - themselves or others.

If you have ever been less than resourceful in any area of your life e.g. been frustrated, annoyed, exhausted, scared, fearful, anxious, dreamy, jealous, angry, lonely, desperate - the Bach Flower Remedies offer a simple way to gently balance these potentially negative emotional states to more positive, resourceful states. Definitely a necessity in 21st century life!

For body workers, & those already trained in Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP, the Bach Remedies provide an ideal way to help clients gently resolve negative emotional responses and patterns. Used with effective communication, Bach Remedies will enable Health Practitioners to safely and effectively help all their clients achieve a healthier emotional balance.

These Courses are part of a three-tier training programme and are approved by the Dr Edward Bach Foundation, the education wing of the Dr Edward Bach Centre, UK.

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  • Level 1 is the Introductory level (can also be completed by Distance Learning DLP)
  • Level 2 is more advanced
  • Level 3 is the Practitioner level training.

"Every single person has a life to live, a work to do, a glorious personality, a wonderful individuality"
- Dr Edward Bach


All welcome, highly recommended for all Health Practitioners.  Training is cumulative and needs to be completed in sequence.

Bach Remedies Level 1 Distance Learning (BACHDLP) - can be started at any time

2019 Dates in Wellington, NZ

Bach Remedies Level 1 (BACH1-19) Jun 15 + 16 (Sat/Sun)
Bach Remedies Level 2 (BACH2-19) Jul 13 + 14 (Sat/Sun)
Bach Remedies Level 3 (BACH3-19) OCT 5 - 8 (Sat - Tue)

Dates in Australia

As requested Bach Remedy courses in Australia are organised by Martin & Pleasance in Melbourne. Please contact their customer services team (1800 652 443) with enquires for these courses.


Modules taught in this course